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Family Law

For over 20 years Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP has provided sophisticated family law representation to clients throughout Los Angeles County.  Our family law practice group is headed by Christopher M. Moore and Sharon A. Bryan, both certified as specialists by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  Our family law practice group has significant experience representing clients in a wide range of issues, including complex parentage and custody matters, business valuation issues, professional practices, division of royalties and patent licensing agreements, determination of difficult income and support issues, and high net worth clients in complex litigation.  We also handle crossover issues between family law and estate planning and administration.  Our family law practice encompasses:

Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce is rarely easy, but the goal of the lawyers at Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP is to take clients from their first meeting to a successful conclusion with compassion and cost effectiveness, achieving of the client’s objectives.  We are skilled negotiators and litigators who represent individuals in all areas of family law.

With four lawyers devoted to family law and 85 years of combined experience, our lawyers approach every case with a high level of commitment, skill and integrity.  We have the highest AV rating from Martindale Hubbell in both legal ability and ethical standards.  "We derive the most satisfaction", says partner Sharon A. Bryan, "from helping clients rebuild their lives and face the future successfully.  While we are able to settle the vast majority of our cases without going to court" Bryan adds, "for those cases we are unable to settle, we try them as vigorously, professionally and effectively as we can."  "Most of our clients" says partner Christopher M. Moore, "Are uncertain and scared when they first come to see us because they don’t know what the future will hold.  Our goal is to successful guide them through the process so at the end they will walk out of here with confidence, financially secure and with a good relationship with their children."

Community Property

Dividing community property, carving out separate property and determining, negotiating or trying reimbursement claims are common matters in our practice.  We deal with the valuations, characterization and division of complex assets, as well as business income analysis.  Each case is unique, and we guide our clients through the legal system, protecting their legal rights and obtaining the best possible results time after time.

Child Custody

Hammering out appropriate custodial arrangements is often the most emotional and difficult aspect of a divorce.  We deal with complex parenting plans, including move-away cases and those involving parental impairment.  We are dedicated to structuring a parenting plan for the children that fits the family dynamics and is in the children’s best interests.  Our first priority is devising an appropriate custody plan for our clients that ensures them a good relationship with their children.

Child & Spousal Support

In today’s world of complex compensation packages and tax laws, using the appropriate figures for determinations of child and spousal support requires sophisticated knowledge of the law and understanding of accounting principles.

We are experienced in analyzing complex compensation formulas to achieve the best possible support awards for our clients.


In handling paternity-related issues such as custody, visitation and support, Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP represents both mothers and fathers.

Complex Litigation

When substantial assets are at stake in a divorce proceeding, complex financial and accounting issues may require litigation to be resolved.  Likewise, when parenting issues, such as family violence, drug or alcohol abuse, questions of paternity, or a move-away by one parent complicate a custody plan, litigation may be necessary to determine the appropriate custody arrangement.  Our lawyers handle custody matters and have settled and litigated hundreds of custody cases with every possible complication.

Support Modifications

When a former spouse changes jobs, loses a job, moves out of state, retires or remarries, the support order may need to be modified to better meet the parties’ needs.  We help clients request the court for, and defend against, post-judgment modifications of custody, child support, and spousal support orders.

Premarital & Postnuptial Agreements

For clients with significant assets who are contemplating marriage, a premarital or postnuptial agreement should be considered.  The parties can openly resolve financial concerns, so that money is less likely to become a point of contention down the road.  Our lawyers have years of experience in this area and can help ensure that your agreement achieves your desired outcome.