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Collaborative Law & Mediation

Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP ("MBSI") is one of the most active and successful collaborative law firms in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County.  We help clients amicably resolve even the most complex family law and trust and estate disputes using mediation and negotiation skills to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and achieve a settlement that best meets our clients' specific needs and goals.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law allows divorcing couples to resolve their issues peacefully, without the threat of litigation, using the advice and counsel of lawyers trained in collaborative law.  The parties and their lawyers meet together to identify and address the issues to be resolved and satisfy the objectives of both parties. Cooperative techniques are used to resolve conflicts, rather than the adversarial methods of litigation.  The process ends with a mutually-agreed judgment resolving all issues.

MBS partner Christopher Moore is trained in the collaborative process and has practiced collaborative law for over 10 years. He has helped many couples end their marriages amicably, through negotiation and compromise, reaching an agreement that is fast, fair and friendly.

MBS partner Sharon Bryan is trained in the expedited collaborative process.


Mediation provides parties with an opportunity to work out conflicts in an out-of-court and informal setting.  There is no judge present to impose a decision. Rather, the case belongs to the parties, who select a trained mediator to help the parties arrive at their settlement.

With over 20 years of experience as a mediator, Chris Moore has served as mediator in many cases and has also acted as the consulting attorney for one of the parties.  Partner Sharon Bryan also serves as a consulting attorney.  Family law and trusts and estates disputes may be resolved through mediation, eliminating the cost, time, and stress of litigation.

Alternatives to Litigation

Many Southern California individuals and families have resolved conflicts through collaborative law and mediation.  To learn more about our expertise in these areas or to see if collaborative law or mediation is right for you call Chris Moore at Moore, Bryan, Schroff & Inoue LLP at (310) 540-8855 or by email to [email protected]